Chelsea + Jesse: Redwood NP Elopement


When Chelsea first described how she envisioned her elopement to be with Jesse, she really emphasized that she wanted the day to be about the two of them and not about having all of the “extras” that so many wedding seem to come with. There is truly something to be said about simply spending your wedding day with the one you love. Call me crazy, but I think they are on to something! 😉

Chelsea and Jesse chose to say their vows and exchange their rings on a secluded beach in Trinidad, Ca, where they could be free of onlookers and quietly enjoy their ceremony. After a quick champagne toast that immediately followed the ceremony, we ventured to the redwoods where they saw the giants for the very first time. We explored the park (my favorite national park!), stopping only to take in the beauty of it all. It was truly a perfect day!

A few days after the wedding, Chelsea surprised me with this:

Vanessa, you are FABULOUS! You made our day EXTRA enjoyable, perfect fit, can’t imagine how the day would have gone with anyone else. Felt like we were a trio the moment I dropped my robe and hopped in the bath. I LOVED that you GOT him from first dad joke. I know that made it way more fun for him to have 2 people to pick on instead of only 1.
Professionally you gave good, subtle direction. Never made us feel awkward. Created and kept the timeline with no stressing or rushing. Handled communication with the officiant. Cool with last minute ideas. Had Kacey Musgraves ready to go. Totally willing to hold the go-pro even though the battery was dead. Also willing to get down n dirty all up in the wispy bushes. Brought an extra sweater ‘with tags on’ cause you knew I was gonna freeze my ass off. Offered to keep going even though we tapped out. Dealt with 107493874 questions before we even met…

The first look mishap, almost running out of gas, and forgetting the rental car made the experience an adventure. Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

CONGRATS, YOU TOO! Your day was so special to me and I’m beyond grateful to have been a part of it <3


June 24, 2019


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