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 -Caitlin + Casey

Vanessa was ABSOLUTELY incredible to work with. Going into the process of finding a photographer, we really wanted to find someone who we genuinely connected with and also was super organized and gave us a sense of confidence. We knew within moments that Vanessa was the one. What makes Vanessa so great is not only her thoughtful approach to trying to capture us as our authentic selves, but she is a super ambitious photographer as well! She pushed us outside of a traditional engagement shoot to something so much more fun and rewarding and it will be something we will always remember. When you work with her on the day as well, she makes you feel like rockstars and is so genuinely excited to take photos and think creatively with whatever is in front of her. She delivered everything so quickly, and shared her favorites within days of the wedding which made the whole process so much more fun. We will be finding more reasons to work with her in the future as she is now our lifetime photographer!!

"I don't think I need to mention this but I will: THE PHOTOS WERE AMAZING."