Engagement Session: From the Sierras down to the River


We’ve had Lauren and Jason’s Engagement Session on the books since January. They picked a day in late April, hoping for some blue skies and the chance of wild flowers. We went over location ideas and Lauren settled on both the Sierras and the American River. 

When the day finally came, we set off for the mountains in Jason’t truck, not realizing he was on E. When we got to the next gas station, the pumps were down (What??!!). We were baffled but at the same time it was a completely laughable scenario. We made the safe choice to go back down (losing about 35 minutes of time) and fuel up at the last gas station. Once we were finally back on the road, Jason started talking about a super cool look out spot. Normally, I have the general locations more or less picked out, but the way his eyes lit up when talking about this amazing spot, I knew we had to go.

As we pull off the highway, I was beyond excited to realize that this was a place I’ve always wanted to go, but never really had the chance to explore. It was fate! We hopped out and got started shooting right away, having the spot to ourselves.





From the epic view of Lake Tahoe, we drove all the way down to the river in Coloma – one of their favorite places to spend time together.  Even with the gas mishap, we still had plenty of light left and hiked up to get a good view of the sunset over the river. 

We literally ran around in the wildflowers and chased the sun going down. If this doesn’t epitomize adventure, I’m not sure what does. 

Cheers to Lauren and Jason. I canNOT wait until your wedding next year; I’m already counting down the days…..only 525 to go….















May 8, 2018


  1. Tiffany says:

    Wow amazingly beautiful and gorgeous smiles to share 💗😘

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