American River Newlywed Session in Foresthill

foresthill engagementforesthill engagement

Julie and Will both have hectic and sometimes opposite work schedules, so we had planned their engagement session months in advance to be sure they both had it off. Julie is a nurse and Will is a firefighter, and with all of the crazy fires we had last fall, Will was putting in some major over time. So, with many rescheduled dates and the wedding day approaching, Julie proposed to me that we do a newlyweds session during the off-season. “Heck yes!” was my immediate response. Count me in.

They wanted to stay close, since they just got a new puppy (adorable!), so I dreamed up this shoot at a new location I’ve been dying to bring a couple to. It’s a bit of a hidden gem and I knew I’d need a super adventurous couple who would be up to sort of explore the area with me. It ended up being so fun, we just followed the light and enjoyed the sunset over the American River.























March 20, 2018


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