Family Session 101

Okay, so you booked the shoot. Set a date. Picked the location. Now what?

Now! You plan.

Planning a family session can be overwhelming. But with a few helpful tips, you’ll have photos you look back on and have allllll the feels.


Outfits. Never underestimate the power of your outfit choices. Whether you have a family of two or a family of seven, choose 3-4 colors that complement each other. Select colors that work well out in nature and avoid solid black and neon colors as well as large, busy logos. Bonus points for choosing colors suitable for the season you’re having your session!

Location. Sometimes putting in the extra miles really pays off. Talk with your photographer about what type of look you have in mind and he/she will more likely have the perfect spot in mind. Pack up the kiddos and some snacks and hit the road. 

Time. Okay, guys. This one might just be the most important piece of advice. Photography, my friends, is all about the light. Ask your photographer for their opinion on what time is best for the shoot. Personally, I prefer to shoot right at sunrise or about an hour before sunset when the light is soft and warm. 

Relax. Let your photographer do the work. Plan on making it fun with your kiddos instead of worrying about their behavior. If your young child is misbehaving, disciplining them in the moment will only escalate the problem (aka, not the most photogenic look). Instead, give them a short break. Let your photographer use his/her magic (it exists!) and be in charge of the kiddos’ attention. Their attention span is short, so keeping things moving is key to happy children.


Well! That’s all, folks! Rest up before the big day and remember to have some fun. You want your photos to be a perfect representation of your family. Your crazy, energetic, beautiful family. 

Did I miss something? Find this helpful? Tell me in the comments below!

January 17, 2018


  1. Kim says:

    Absolutely great advice. Our family shoot with you was a wonderful experience. All thanks to your professionalism. You thought of all these elements. Thank you!

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