The Magic that is Yellowstone

In the middle of a crazy hot July, my dad and I managed to pull off in a road trip to Wyoming. My dad already had the trip planned for himself, so in typical Vanessa Fashion, I invited myself! We visited extended family and spent a few nights camping in Yellowstone. It’d been about five years since I had last visited and this time around I wanted to spend more time exploring. We traveled from Upper Falls to the Grand Tetons and pretty much everything in between. And I even made a few furry friends while I was there, too! 

Three days was just the right amount of time. We strategized, somewhat, to make sure that we wouldn’t miss out on anything. I had seen the big, touristy attractions the last time I was there, so this time I wanted to explore the lesser travelled areas. If I could go again, I’d love to go in the fall. No real explanation other than I think it would be pure magic and there would be waaay less people. A win win.

Yellowstone CreekYellowstone Creek

Upper Falls, YellowstoneUpper Falls, Yellowstone

Yellowstone's Grand CanyonYellowstone's Grand Canyon

Upper FallsUpper Falls

Yellowstone FlowersYellowstone Flowers

Yellowstone BisonYellowstone Bison

Wyoming BuffaloWyoming Buffalo

Mammoth Hot SpringsMammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot SpringsMammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot SpringsMammoth Hot Springs

Deer YellowstoneDeer Yellowstone

Yellowstone RiverYellowstone River

Yellowstone RiverYellowstone River

Grand PrismaticGrand Prismatic

Yellowstone SunriseYellowstone Sunrise

Bison YellowstoneBison Yellowstone

Caribou in YellowstoneCaribou in Yellowstone

Grand TetonsGrand Tetons

Grand TetonsGrand Tetons

If you made it to the very end, you’re my hero. Which one struck a chord with you? Which one made you stop and stare? Which one should I print and put in my new apartment? I need your vote since I only have room for ONE PRINT and it needs to be the right one. 

Also, in case you missed it: Taken nearly 80 years apart, both my grandma and Yellowstone will forever hold a most special place in my heart. I love you and miss you everyday, Grandma.

upperfalls yellowstoneupperfalls yellowstone

August 16, 2017


  1. Kim Amalong says:

    I cannot help you out with deciding "which photo." They are all so perfect, creative and captivating. I have been to amazing Yellowstone and your photos have given this national park justice! You should publish every one in a book! That is my vote.

  2. Heidi Gish says:

    Wow! So hard to chose, love them all. Favorites are 1, 14, 16 and 17

  3. Lynn Rotlisberger says:

    I love the juxtaposition of the buffalo and the truck in the mist. That is number one! There are so many lovely shots it is difficult to choose, but for me that is it! I have only been to Yellowstone twice, once as a child and then to take my children as young teens. I am your father’s contemporary so it has been a while. Was fairly close last year, went to Glacier National Park also the Federal Bison Reserve, incredible.

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